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Shy girl goes pee in the woods


This girl has been hiking for hours. She has been keeping hydrated along the way. But that makes her have to pee very badly. She is not a nature girl and doesn’t want to pee in the woods, but she is so desperate that she reluctantly pulls down her pants and squats. She is nervous somebody will see her. She tries to pee, but nothing comes out. She tries squatting in a few different places. but nothing. She decides to make a risky move, take off her pants completely. She puts her bare feet in the stream to see if the water feeling will help her go. She grows frustrated and more desperate. Her bladder is aching. She grabs her crotch and a little dribble of pee comes out. She dribbles a little more before going to the bank and releasing a fat, hissy stream of pee. She is so relieved to have emptied her full bladder. She better put on some pants before somebody sees her!


Length:  6:43s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 576 MB

Pee queen


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