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Spying on your sister when she has to pee


Your sister is home from college for the weekend and you decide to play a trick on her. You lock yourself in the bathroom when she has to use it and watch her be desperate, You have placed a hidden camera in her room so you can watch her struggle as she holds her full bladder. She really has to pee. She is mad that you’ve locked the door but doesn’t realize that you are secretly perving on her. You watch as she crosses her legs as she hold on. She looses articles of clothes in her attempt to not pee herself. She tries so hard tro hold it, but she begins to leak. You can see a stream of piss trickle down her leg. The flow gets stronger and you watch pee leak from her perfect pussy lips onto the carpet. She was so desperate. You can see how relieved she is as she pees all over the carpet in her room. She pees for a long time. After she is finished, she stands there for a few seconds. she peers over to see something odd. A hidden camera! She knows how pervy you are and knows exactly that it was you who locked her out of the bathroom. She can’t believe you got away with seeing her pee on the carpet. She is so angry and embarrassed, but you got away with it.


Length:  8:09s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 296 MB

Pee queen


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