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Toilet super fetish


Request: You arrive in the toilet room with big wish to pee. For that you undress totally , quite orientated for that the camera see you well with the front part (i am very few interrested by back and ass), when nude you go to the toilet bowl, you open the cover, and pee face to cam stand up (not sit) of course a lot of pee arrives on the seat and on the bowl. So you decide to clean them, you go on knees, and start to lick the seat then the bowl, (take care about the position of the cam at this moment, which has to be at the same level than the bowl, and need to see your tongue on the seat, then on the bowl collecting and cleaning pee. you spit also in the bowl, sometimes, then take water with hand in the bowl and drink it. and then you wantr to refresh, you enter head in the bowl and deliver the flush. The video ends when you are caressing your face and nipples after the flush during 1 minut.


Length:  15:02s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 144 MB


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