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Topless pee in jeans


This is one of my first request custom jeans / pants wetting.
“You are standing naked and you really have to pee. You hold yourself and say that you have to pee really bad, but you grab a beverage and start taking drinks. You then say that you want to pee in your pants. You grab your blue jeans and put them on, and then you hold yourself again. You take another drink and say that you like to pee in your pants. You start peeing in your jeans and you moan and sigh with relief and talk about how good it feels. I would like you to stand with your legs together this time when you pee your pants, and try to have the pee come out of the front. After you finish peeing, you say that you love to pee in your pants. The camera would then show your feet and you would show the bottom of your feet, the soles to the camera and say “look at my wet feet”. I would like you to have your toes clear/natural, no color polish please.”


Length:  4:38s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 152 MB


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