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Wonder Women Diaper Desperation


Wonder Woman has been summoned to Paradise Island by her mother Queen Hippolyta, with immediate effect. No reason has been given. WW is very annoyed at this high handed demand, her mother knows she is a fully grown woman now, not a little princess at her beck and call. For Zeus’s sake she’s WW!, a superheroine!. WW is not a happy bunny and she confronts her mother, playing back the preceding monologue. What is the meaning of this? etc etc. Grown daughter angry at being treated like a child by her mother. I’m sure you get the idea.

In the middle of WW’s rant, her potty slides back across the floor to her, in it are a pair of pooped white panties!, WW’s panties from her recent encounter with Artemis!!.. WW immediately starts panicking, she doesn’t even think to deny it. ‘How… get that potty…and..and my panties?!”. The answer is obvious, ‘Artemis!!’, the queen says and that she knows her daugher, WW is a panty-pooper. Which is not acceptable. WW is horrified and, as usual now, is immediately beset by an urgent need to relieve herself in both ways. ‘I’m not a pantypooper!, it was an accident!, I can explain!!’ she pleads.

A childs pull-up slides over the floor to her. WW protests that she doesn’t need diapers and won’t put it on, but her potty dance tells another story. Soon beggining to blubber ‘No, mommy I won’t do it!!’ nevertheless down come her wonderpanties and on goes the pull-up. She then hastily pulls her wonderpanties back up and tries to hide her diaper. Trying to keep her composure, she aks her mother permission to leave, but it is refused. Soon WW is literally begging to be excused to go to the ‘little princesses room’ or even to be allowed to use her potty right here in front of the Queen, the other Amazons and Artemis! instead of use her diaper. Oh the shame!. ‘But it would be so easy to just relax and fill my diaper’ a voice in her head tells her. No!!!. It’s now to late and whining, WW pees and poops her pull-up massively, ideally while still standing.

When WW is all done her mother makes her lower her panties and pull out the back of her diaper so all can see what she has done. She is then made to pull her diaper and panties back up nice and tight, and sent to sit on a chair in the corner, facing the wall, while her mother considers what to do with her. Sitting obviously smushing the contents of her diaper all over her butt and perhaps up and over the waistband at the back. WW is groaning, but is she now sneakily inserting her hand down the front of her diaper to quickly bring herself off on the humiliation ?…Yes, I think she that’s why she’s groaning… The End of the episode occurs as WW cums….


Length:  11:24s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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