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Wonder Women Messy Panty Poop


So we start with WW approaching camera and then freezing when she notices it’s Artemis.

WW stands, legs planted shoulder width apart, bracelets crossed defensively in front of her and asks Artemis what she is doing here and that she is not afraid of her. WW does not immediately notice the child’s potty that Artemis has placed on the floor in the foreground and WW is now standing near too.
WW’s legs then go a bit wobbly as Artemis tells her she knows she soiled herself last time she visited. WW denies it but she is getting those sudden urges to go again.
Artemis tells her she has brought something for WW and indicates the potty. WW now notices it, WW tells Artemis she’s not a little girl and doesn’t need a potty but seeing it makes things even worse. She knows she is about to start peeing in her panties any second.
WW stares longingly at the potty. Artemis tells her that if she can stay dry and clean for the next 5 mins like a good girl perhaps she won’t need to tell her mother, Hippolyta, that she’s a panty pooping little girl rather than a Wonder Woman.
WW denies she is a panty pooper and tells Artemis she will show Wonder Woman is a big girl!. Yes, she will prove it to Artemis, she will play her stupid game!. Big mistake.
Over the next few minutes WW starts to look more and more desperate and squirmy, she is trying to keep her bracelets up and crossed defensively and her legs shoulder width apart but she so wants to cross her legs or jam a hand between her legs or grab her ass to try and ease the growing urgency. She keeps glancing with more desperation at the potty.
Her bladder gives up first and she begins to gush full force in her panties. With no time to take down her panties WW immediately dashes to squat over the potty facing camera as her pee pours out. Occasionally hiding her face in shame she quickly empties herself into the potty (ideally filling it to overflowing). As she finishes she looks at Artemis imploringly she can feel something worse coming.
Artemis says ‘Turn around WW I know you are not finished’.
Still squatting over the potty WW turns around and, looking back over her shoulder gives Artemis the view as she fills her panties with a huge load of wet poop.
When she is finished WW asks her to stand up and take her messy panties down and off, placing them on the floor in front of camera.
While doing so, carefully and whining, she asks several times why Artemis wants her messy panties but receives no answer.
Artemis tells the ‘little princess’ to go empty her potty and clean herself up. WW denies she is a little princess, which is hard giving her state, but does as she is told, moving out of shot with her full potty.


Length:  10:49s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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