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2 Poos on the Porch


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Venturing outside of the shed to poo on the porch. This is my first outdoors poo clip. I enjoy exposing my asshole to the fresh morning air while sharing these private moments with you. Featuring two poos. The first is standard size and the second one is a massive Mississippi mud pie, a banger on the plate.


Length:  8:31s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 212 MB

1 review for 2 Poos on the Porch

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    4 out of 5


    Description matches the video content. However, she left out a thick white stream of pussy cum hangs out her cunt screaming: “come lick me”. Great aerial shot of the finished plate of poo. The contents were huge but the aerial view makes it look massive.

    Camera was slightly in an awkward angle for the 2nd dump. You can see the action very well, just not a great fulfilling view of it.

    Verdict: Not bad. Not great. But good (and better than some other girls’ videos).

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