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4 Days 4 Shits


Here are four days of my shit for you!
Day 1: Shit and pee in the night with his back to the camera. You see my sexy ass and beautiful golden poop.
Day 2: I shit a red bowl. I am horny massaging my boobs and I feel that I want to shit. Heap does not want to leave, a huge constipation. We’ll see tight asshole close up. At the end of the show my shit.
Day 3: I’m coming with fitness, it hurts my stomach and shit to my favorite purple potty. I have constipation hurt my asshole. At the end of the show shit in the potty.
Day 4: I’m in the kitchen wearing a bra and pantyhose, I have no panties. I want something to eat, suddenly I feel that I’m shit. Shitting in pantyhose and do a few drops of pee. At the end of the leave pantyhose, you can see my dirty thighs, brown droppings. I take a shit in hand we smell the beautiful heap. You want to smell my poop?


Length:  12:07s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mpeg4
File Size: 701 MB


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