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7 Days of Beans 7 Shits


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I ate beans for at least one meal for 7 days straight and then I show you my shits! I had all kinds of bean dishes– burritos, black bean burgers, chili, baked beans.
Day 1- I came home from work and had to shit so bad I almost crapped my pants trying to get my camera set up lol. I said what the hell and just pooped in my panties. Geez what a mess
Day 2- I’m laying on my side with a close up of my ass. I was already prairie dogging before I turned the camera on. Beautiful close up of a huge turd coming out of me.
Day 3- Another day where I’m home from work and first thing I need to do is dump. I squat on my bathtub with the camera underneath me so you can see my incredibly large ass as I shit. I then show you a close up of my poop
Day 4- I’m siting in front of the camera with my legs spread and slowly push out a big turd right in front of the camera. Mmmmm carrots!
Day 5- I’m wearing sexy ass pink shorts and poop in them. OMG what a huge fucking shit maybe I should contact Guinness World Records? I still cant believe how big that shit was!
Day 6- Pooping on my balcony in a dress and high heels
Day 7- Panty poop! I take off my panties and show you the mess squished between my butt cheeks


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2 reviews for 7 Days of Beans 7 Shits

  1. Profile photo of Edwin
    5 out of 5


    Great video! Beans cause explosive farts and shits from this naughty woman. Do encourage her to eat more beans.

  2. Profile photo of neoyouchef
    5 out of 5


    Amazing panty poop videos! Great sound and so sexy!

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