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Eating and Pooing Unaware


In the first half of the clip I walk into the room wearing Winnie The Pooh panties underneath my short skirt. I’m walking about the room in heels, giving you flashes of my panties and teasing you with my ass. After a few minutes my panties come off. I spread my ass cheeks wide. A little bit of poo comes out then I go to sit down. In the second half of the clip I’m sitting down at the table to eat a meal. I’m enjoying my food so much, completely lost in the flavours and totally unaware that poo is coming out. It slides down the chair cover and piles up on the table leg. After I’ve finished eating I spread my cheeks and show you my pooey ass. Close ups of the skid marks on the chair cover and long lost table leg at the end.


Length:  10:12s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 44 MB


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