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First time making brownies with my shit


I have been holding my poo to prepare my first batch of my Goddess filled brownie treats for my loyal toilet servant to consume. I ‘m sitting on my bathroom floor in a tshirt and panties, so you may worship my beautiful, thick thighs and feet eyes while I first prepare the brownie mix in a bowl, then pours it into an aluminum baking tray. When the mix is fully prepared, I turn around pull down my panties and deposit a creamy load on top of the brownie mix. I use my precious fingers to mix in my creamy, brown scat into the mixture. Once all my shit is evenly distributed, I offer you to lick my fingers clean, then I lick the shitty brownie mixture off my fingers! Imagine how aroused you would be if you were in the bathroom with me, licking my Goddess fingers clean, then licking her Goddess ass clean while the brownies cooked. Send me a private message if you are craving my Goddess shit and need my shit in your mouth!


Length:  10:18s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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