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Four shits


This is a compilation of 4 never before seen pooping clips (all without talking/storyline) edited together into one movie and it includes some of the longest logs I have ever caught on camera!

Clip number 1: This is a video of me running into the bathroom quite desperate to shit, sitting on the toilet backwards, peeing into the toilet and pushing my shit over the rim of the toilet seat on to the floor. It is a very big, soft shit consisting of some logs that are at least a foot long! I show it off afterwards nice and close-up.

Clip number 2: This is a video of me coming into the bathroom, squatting over the toilet seat, pissing and then pushing my shit into the bowl. Not much comes out but I just find this position really sexy.

Clip number 3: I am wearing an extremely sexy matching underwear set and stockings and I sit backwards on the toilet like in video 1 and push my shit onto the floor. I show it off at the end, close-up.

Clip number 4: This is similar to 1 and 3, I am sitting backwards on the toilet seat shitting onto the floor and it’s another massive shit, some really long logs and it’s all really soft and pale. I show it off at the end, and it’s all somehow formed into a neat circular pile, it looks so good.

Length of video not including titles/credits: 07:37

Format: 1080p mp4 (the video is much better quality than the GIF)


Length:  7:52s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 473 MB

Hey, i’m Kaidence, 19 year old English camgirl, video maker and sexy pooper.

Follow my toilet blog for updates.


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