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Front View Shitting


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In this video I´m shitting while holding my legs up in the air. (Backstory —> Not on tape) It all started when I was showering and felt like going for a nice shit. I held my hand underneath my asshole and started to push a little. Right on that moment my dad came home. I felt a bit a awkward and cut the shit off. I had this nice little piece in my hand. On that moment I knew I really wanted to finish that shit later. So I finished up showering and got ready. When I got home again, later in the evening, I felt this urge again to shit. I wanted to do something different this time. Someone asked me to shit sometime while holding up my legs, so I thought, that’s a nice new position.
(On tape —->) I sat on my chair, moving in the right position, and then started to push a little. I felt the shit moving in side me and pushed some more. After a while the shit started to open up my asshole. It felt so naughty. I kept on pushing and finally it all started to come out. Enjoy!


Length:  5:25s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 301 MB

Hot shit leaving my tight asshole

I just love how my warm shit stretches my asshole!

1 review for Front View Shitting

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    5 out of 5


    excellent job. the position you pooped in was perfect.

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