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Getting ready to go shopping in a diaper


I’m getting ready to go out, and I tell you how today is just a diaper day. I gush about how wonderful diapers are as I slip one off and show it off a bit. I continue to talk as I put on a bra and then my dress. I bend over after I’m fully dressed and tell you how amazing it feels to be able to just stand anywhere in public and pee myself, the thought excites me so much that I go ahead and pee right there as I talk. You get to watch the bliss on my face as I pee, then when I finish I show off the wet diaper to you. I then say goodbye and go on my shopping trip without even changing the diaper! 3:13 minutes long


Length:  3:13s 
Resolution: 720x480
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I am an amateur scat girl who loves playing with filth, lots of giggles and smiles are had in my videos! Nothing makes me happier then playing with my poo and sharing the fun with you 😉



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