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Be A Good Boy…And Watch MOMMY SHIT!


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You’re spying on me taking calls on the couch, I’m all dressed up and ready to go to our family reunion, I wonder where my adult son is while I’m talking to your uncle, and I catch you watching me from the corner! You were spying on mommy, weren’t you? I brag to your uncle about how well behaved you are as I spread my legs and show you my thong, and pose all sexy as you continue watching from the corner with your dick in your hand. He has no idea. I peel off my thong and show you my cunt–you love your mommy’s pussy, don’t you? You love to watch…and I can tell you want more, that’s right, you wanna see even more of mommy… I shit and piss off the side of the couch, soaking it in my urine. What a good little boy I have, watching mommy pee and poop everywhere. I know you love to watch your mommy shit the couch…


Length:  13:33s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Nothing makes me cum like scat porn… I love this shit!

1 review for Be A Good Boy…And Watch MOMMY SHIT!

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    5 out of 5


    Mistress Rachelle is hands down the hottest and sexiest bubble butt scat Goddess on this site. She’s enslaved me and bound me in chains. I’m a slave to her. I want out but can’t I’m so addicted. Every time I try and crawl out of Her pit the chains jerk me back to where I belong. I’m bound in chains in her toilet pit. Once you start watching her you will begin crawling to her and BEGGING for her poo. I would have given ANYTHING to have had my head beneath her ass collecting all her waste and then licking and sucking her asshole and pussy clean during this scene.

    I wish she would get a wish list from Amazon so I could buy her some panties and heels to wear in her videos. She demands and deserves to be spoiled. She has me under her heel squealing like the pig I am.

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