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Huge load pooping close-up from 2 angles


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I’ve been holding my poop for 4 days because there was construction workers in my apartment. Now they are done with the inside but they are still working outside. You can hear them in the background and I really wanted to avoid this in the video, but I really can’t hold my poop anymore because it’s painful! I put 2 cameras very close to my asshole so you can see me poop in 2 angles.

My ass is so full! After pushing really hard there is a first large and hard log that comes out of me. But wait, I feel that there is still more! I continue pooping again, this time the texture is very different, it very soft. Just when you think I’m done pooping, there is more coming out! My bowels are so full! I feel so much better now, but my asshole is burning and it’s all purple!

In the next scene I show you a close-up of my poop so you can see the details inside. I put my hand next to it so you have an idea of the size of my load. It’s crazy, I just pooped the equivalent of 2 loads! Which means it’s like an entire week of poop for me!


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1 review for Huge load pooping close-up from 2 angles

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    5 out of 5


    Extremely satisfying! Really nice close-up view of her beautiful, purple butthole straining and expanding as the massive turd slowly exits. This video was a nut-drainer and a pleasant surprise at the end of a long, hard work day. Thank you Maryan!!

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