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Kitty Purrr, Pee, Cum and Poop Compilation


Several Sexy kinky scenes, all in one to give you the full experience of my coy, kitty kink! A naughty girl who loves to tease and play, as well as show off how nasty I can be… YOU are the owner, and I am your pet, which whom you must watch, as I make messes and clean up after.

I start my super kinky role play dressed up like a cute little kitty, flaunting around the room on all fours, wiggling my butt, and wagging my fluffy tail. I only make cat noises as I tease you and undress until I’m wearing nothing but my nylons. I’m a spoiled little kitty who spends my time purring, lapping cream out of my fancy dish, licking myself, and petting and stroking my tail. I’m coy, but I also tease Master to get his attention… Bending over, flashing my ass and pussy.

Then I get even naughtier with a sensual tease, purring and making cat noises, playing over panties, and using my Hitachi vibrator… I rub my panties on my pussy to make them nice and creamy, and sniff them! I then squat over a clear plastic cup and pee! After I pee, I place on hand on my wet pussy, and lap up the hot piss.
This makes me even more excited, as I get on all fours, and grind my pussy on the Hitachi, purring, meowing, moaning. My soft tail is wagging behind me as I wiggle, squirm, and get very horny. I then fuck my pussy with my dildo until I need to squirt! I make my best attempts to collect my pussy juices in a nearby container. Again, I rub my pussy with my hand and lick off and taste my sweet juices, purring to you.

The grand finale is a HUGE shit seeping from kitty’s big gaping asshole… my tail is moved to the side, so I do not make a mess. I get on my knees and squat in front of you, showing off my big turd, making kitty cat noises as I push. I only wish I could reach between my legs to lick myself clean once it’s over. But then again, I’m your pet so you can clean me up 😉


Length:  27:40s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB

A total butt slut who loves scat play now and then ;)

I love to live the taboo lifestyle.


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