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MONSTER Shits Blow Out My Ass!


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If there’s one thing about this vid to take home with your cock in your hand, it’s that each load is thick and HUGE, and for each one I could BARELY hold back before I managed to hit record! If I had waited just seconds more, I would have definitely shit myself <3 The urgency makes it so pleasurable and HOT to just push out ALL my giant monster dumps –and the relief just feels so, sooo goddamn erotic. My first shit was so especially hard to hold in long enough to record, I didn't even have time to put on my mask!! Just look at this giant motherfucking shit. It's HUGE! And it STINKS! I bet you wish you could just drag your tongue down the length of my poop, don't you? Don't you just want me to box up my dirty turds and mail them to you so you can eat them up, or jerk yourself off with my shit caked in your hand?


Length:  4:49s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 674 MB

Nothing makes me cum like scat porn… I love this shit!

1 review for MONSTER Shits Blow Out My Ass!

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    5 out of 5


    -Shit 1 is a huge nasty messy with an extremely delicious erotic appearance. The scene last for 2 mins. 17 sec.
    -Shit 2 is mediocre but forgotten by the time Shit 3 appears.
    -Shit 3 gives a sexy Goddess upshot. It’s the pose that makes the show here, not the turds.
    -Shit 4 has nice, heavy turds. 4 of them crack this poor girl’s wooden floor & 2 punch a hole into the earth. The natural SFX are awesome.
    -Dialogue is mundane but forgivable because of all the moans & cries that highlight the soundtrack

    None of significance.

    Verdict: Shit 1 will have you reviewing it multiple times. Shit 4 also but for the SFX of the Turd Thumps. Overall great for a short compilation.

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