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Sitting on the Throne


I just got off work and desperate to take a big dump! My boyfriend’s home and comes to watch me shit as I talk seductively to him while sitting on the toilet. I’m wearing heels and fishnet pantyhose, which he loves so much! We talk for a while as my shit is taking its sweet little time. I tell him how pooping makes me so horny and maybe we could make love after I finish… I finally unload a big one and have him take a look at it before flushing…


Length:  14:45s 
Resolution: 640x480
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 102 MB

Hi guys! I’m ScarlettMarie and welcome to my store! I love to fart, shit out big poops and take the longest pees you can imagine! I’ve got it all on camera just for you! ;) 


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