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Straining, Pushing Out a Firm Log


Hmm finally I´ve made some firm shit. In this video I´m wearing a cute skirt and top and show you my naked asshole. I strain, trying to get the shit moving. I know the shit inside me is quite a lot and it´s hard. I keep pushing and dildo my ass a little to feel how far up my ass the shit is. I push some more and finally the shit starts to come poke out. I touch it, pushing it back a little with my fingers. Then I can´t hold it anymore and shit it all out. The logs are firm and hard but the end is softer. I show you my dirty asshole after and dildo it up once more. Then I show you my brown creation. Enjoy!


Length:  7:56s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 395 MB

Hot shit leaving my tight asshole

I just love how my warm shit stretches my asshole!


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