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Underwater Mystery Poo


This video is filmed completely underwater inside a bathtub. I have filmed several underwater videos, however this is the first time with pooping.
I start by teasing my ass with my finger. I can feel the poo ready to come out. I first pee, turning the water gold. Then I proceed to push the plops out. They don’t come out in one solid clump but instead they are strung together with mucus matter and things that….well I don’t know what the heck I shat out! Looks like seeds, peanuts and straw. I honestly don’t know what I ate to create this blob of wonderment. I know a few days before I ate a lot of steak and kidney pies.
The video continues to show the turds lying on the bottom of the tub in close up view. I also wave the turds up and over the camera for a pov view which places you in the tub with me. You will see the fecal matter float above your face. Hold your breath so you don’t drown! OR You can be a fish eating my yummy turds.
100% underwater, no dialogue, natural sounds.


Length:  6:22s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 191 MB

The world is my toilet.



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