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Teasing poop 2.3Teasing poop3.0

Video Combo Vol.3: Teasing Poop Vol.1-3


Teasing Poop ~ 3min 08sec
mmm….I held my big poop in for a while so I could record the big moment. Boy did it feel good teasing my tight ass with my poop easing it back and forth inside me. I finally pushed it all out feeling my poop stretch my ass hole as it slide out of me. Good poop always come with a nice waterfall.

Teasing Poop Vol.2 ~ 2min 45sec
I was really constipated and bubbly for a couple days. I could tell I was going have to push out a really big poop. The big hard poops always turn me because I cannot help teasing my tight little asshole and stretching it. I did a little teasing then slowly pushed it out with lots of moaning and sighing.

Teasing Poop Vol.3 ~ 3min 51sec
I was too lazy to go to the bathroom so I grabbed a bed protector and started letting it go while watching Resident Evil: Afterlife. Oh my goodness I pissed so much it is unbelievable. A poop was starting to come and I knew I had to put in some work and felt so big when I started to push it out. Sitting in the wet spot felt weird so I turned the bed protector around then slowly began teasing the poop out of my tight little asshole.


Length:  9:44s 
Resolution: 854x480
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I always try to make my content as long as possible with the best angles I can get. I also take suggestions/tips from fans on future content and items. I love what I do and hope you do as well!


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