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Smoker’s Punishment


BBW gets a punishment enema

Babygirl Gogo Cumbunny is in trouble: she is not allowed to smoke, but she has been smoking anyway. Gogo thought that if Sir found out she had violated a rule by smoking, at worst she’d get a nice hard spanking. Now Gogo finds out the she is in big trouble: Sir informs her that she will have to endure multiple large enemas, with a double dose of Castile soap, to to punish her and clean out all her shit.

Gogo has never had such a large enema, only little ones, and she’s never used soap solution. She begs not to have the double dose of soap and whimpers as she watches Sir pour in the double dose of soap anywayl.

Quarts of soapy water fill her colon as Gogo moans in distress. The punishment continues even after she’s taken the full bag and held the enema until the timer rings: she is not allowed to use the toilet to empty her bowels in comfort and privacy, she must expel all the water and shit into a bowl while her Sir supervises and records her humiliation and distress on his camera.


Length:  22:42s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB

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