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2Video. Princess Grace Princess Jenny


1.Princess Grace.Female orgasm.Assorted Extreme Scat
Princess Grace.Female orgasm.Assorted Extreme Scat Extreme farting. Princess Grace masturbating on to the slave’s full of shit face. Grace, with beautiful breasts and big ass humilates a slave, she sit down on his face and fart. This winds plagued Grace all day and now slave receiving portion by portion of fine gases in his nose. And now slave must to lick the ass of his Mistress, Grace filled his mouth crap, poor slave drowned, but Princess Grace like this and she is very exciting to shit on the slave, she musturbating pussy with her hands, rubs her ass on his full of shit face, stronger…stronger…and finally Grace finished with screams…
2.Jenny did a crap on her slave in the bathroom
I decided to take a bath, but I wanted to take a crap. That’s so great that I have my personal slave. This jerk is lying on the bathroom floor with his mouth open and waiting when I will feed him. I spit in his face, then I relieve myself, I place shit in his mouth with pleasure, I like to watch how this wanker eats my shit, next time I’ll make him eat right from the toilet. To be continued!


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