3 gas chambers


4 YRS 200
Sold By: : PaulieMaxx


You have found a tiny figurine named Sam (again, what a surprise!), you thought you killed him with your farts but his found his way inside your house again somehow. You look down and find him on the floor. You look down, grab him, and say “I remember you” and you point the camera to the 3 gas chambers you’re going to torture him in, on your table, you have a coffee cup mug, a glass cup, and a jar, you point the camera at that and say, this is your gas chamber today, not one, but 3…. You want to torture him in the best way possible as he really deserves this. In the video, you fart into 3 things, a coffee cup mug, a glass cup, and a jar for the final stinky torture. I’d like you to be naked in the video please.

Anyways, so after showing the viewer the 3 different cups you’ll fart in, you place little Sam in the coffee cup mug. You place him in there and fart into the mug by holding it up to your asshole and farting into the mug, with the tiny figurine inside the mug. The glass should make an echo noise each time you fart into the cup. After you have farted each time into the cup, you do a close up and your hand above the top of the glass holding the smell in the glass. Telling Sam to open his mouth (open your mouth Sam), I want you to smell my farts, and taste them, let the taste savour in your little mouth” and good dirty talk like that, each time before you fart into the glass. Also saying to the camera “I bet you wish this was you inside this glass” and also while looking at the camera, “smell this Sam” I’d like the video to be in 4K or whatever you currently film in to get the best quality possible. I’d like you to be completely naked, and your bare asshole to fart into the mug.

After farting into the mug a bunch of times, you take him out of the mug and place him inside the glass cup, and do the exact same thing/dialogue/talking as I said above but farting into the glass cup.

After farting into the glass cup, and showing the viewer the little man inside the glass, you look at him in the glass, and say “still don’t think you’ve had enough torture”, you then, take him out of the glass, and place him in a glass jar.

Doing the same thing, farting into him in the glass jar, “smell my shitty stinky farts Sam”, holding it up to your asshole, and trapping the smell after each fart with the lid. Towards the end of the video, you keep farting in the jar when you notice you’re killing Sam the tiny figurine with your farts, as you say “open your little fucking mouth samuel, coz you’re going to die with the taste of my farts in that mouth, and the smell as I fart into this jar, farewell Sam, enjoy :)” and do one last powerful fart into the jar and trap it as fast as you can with the lid.

The final scene shows you with the 3 objects on the table, the mug, the glass cup and the glass jar, with Samuel inside the glass jar with the lid on there. You smell each one, and say “I’m glad I wasn’t in there” and laugh, and do one last fart into the jar for reassurance that Samuel is dead from your farts in the jar, and close the lid on the jar as quickly as possible and that’s the end of the video.


Length:  12:42s 
Resolution: 3840x2160
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 897 MB


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