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Abusing My Tiny Mail Order Fart Slave


Custom GIANTESS FARTING video request!!!
I ordered a tiny fart slave sex toy online to have some giantess farting fun!
You walk in the kitchen dressed all sexy with a tight skirt and high heels holding with an envelope/ package in your hand. You open it up and find a tiny little man tied up (same size as previous clips). You had ordered a miniature man to use as a sex toy previously on an illegal black-market website but was not too sure what to expect. You find a little note in the package written, which you read out loud: Dear , thanks for your purchase hope you enjoy your tiny sex slave, his name is Marc and do not worry about legal issues as everything has been taken care of, he is now yours to keep, have fun with him! The little man seems scared and trying to wiggle free as he hears this, by the looks of it had no idea himself what was going on. You start questioning him only to find out that his screams are muffled by duct tape. You hesitate to take it off but then decide you would rather not know how he ended up like that and just use him as the toy you paid for rather than spoiling the fun. You then place him on the table, turn around and wiggle and spread your sexy ass cheeks in front of him, teasing him on how this will be his destination. But then you grunt and cut out a big fart only to laugh after when you see his horrified reaction as you fan the odour towards him with your hand. Exited and with a devilish grin, you pick him, place him in front of your eyes before grunting and farting again, telling Marc he is about to go where that came from. You then proceed in placing him right in front of your asshole inside your thongs. You quickly explain to him that you did pay 100$ for him and intend to make the most of it not caring that he obviously didn’t intend to be in this situation. You feel him wiggle in there as the stench must be overpowering for his little nostrils, and apologise but you have paid for him so intend to use and torture him as you will.
Main part:
You then head to the bedroom unleashing some farts on the way ordering him to sniff inside: In the bedroom you take your dirty thongs off and comment on the stench. You then lie down on your side and insert him in your asshole, his feet barely sticking out. You lie there being gross, farting on him, lifting one leg up in the air every time you fart, wondering how much more this guy will be able to take in a cruel manner. Sometimes oblivious to his presence inside but as he wiggles after you fart on him you remember his presence and ask him to stop moving so much, stuffing him back inside. You laugh at him saying lets play some fart games. You tell him to hold his breath then just as he is going to breathe again you plunge him in your asshole and fart at the same time, telling him to sniff the fumes up. At the end you just leave him in there.”


Length:  8:38s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 132 MB

Hi fellas! I will be away most of April (4/10 to 4/15 in Napoli, 4/22 to 5/2 in TOKYO!) so if you send me a message I most likely won’t reply until after the beginning of May. See ya in May! Hoping to film some poop scenes in those comfy Japanese toilets LOL


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