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Anal Leakage 2


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Do you like my nasty dripping wet farts? How about long bubbly farts with leakage going down my leg? My stomach was me during making this and I had to use the bathroom SO BAD (obviously lol) but I wanted to stay and share my anal leakage with you!


Length:  5:04s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 258 MB

1 review for Anal Leakage 2

  1. Profile photo of Chainsmoker Adam
    5 out of 5


    Well there’s no way out now…I’m hopelessly in love with Goddess Carly, a.k.a. SexyFlatulence. All 4 foot 11 inches of her. ♥ ♥ 😀 So what can I say about this video, apart from “buy it NOW, crazy”?

    – It’s fucking hot. Must-have anus music! Her floral jumper is very pretty, which is a treat to see…and her feet are bare (which I LOVE).
    – She’s filming in really professional-quality HD video here, which is excellent.
    – At one point she says with a knowing grin “mmmm you like that?” “It smells like a dirty diaper in here.” I want to eat out her dirty wet burbling anus…right through the soaking, sodden, nasty bum-crease fabric of her floral jumper. And my penis wants to cum! ♥
    – I love how you really feel like you’re right there, with her. Love the way she thinks, talks, and behaves. She curses a bit and at one point even talks to you with food in her mouth.
    – We also get to visit the bathroom with her…and (amongst other things) see her big hot bare tits!

    Goddess Carly certainly has nastier and more extreme clips…but I can honestly say that this is one for repeat viewings, guys. If you’re in love with her as I am, this is a must have. SexyFlatulence forever! Thank you Goddess ♥ I can’t wait to place an order with you as soon as you return, for you to send me a big load of your soft diarrhea in the mail!! And thank you for being so perfect – hot – and creative – in this clip and others. Love, Adam xoxo ♥

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