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Bad Boyfriend for Breakfast


Veronica is just waking up. Her stomach grumbles and she realizes how hungry she is. She throws on a tight fitting dress over her nude body and walks to the kitchen. What does she find? Empty cabinets.. Her boyfriend (you) had eaten all of her groceries! She is furious. She screams at him to come into the kitchen immediately. She argues about how is a lazy bum and does nothing but eat her food and she is so hungry. Finally she announces she has a confession to make. She is a Witch, Her boyfriend (you) starts laughing at her!! That was a mistake. She starts reciting an old world curse and makes you feel all tingly. You are now shrinking! She laughs at you as she picks you up. Licking her full lips, she starts to eat you ALIVE!

You travel through her digestive track, getting tossed around with her old food remains. A couple of hours later, Veronica is reading a magazine when he stomach starts to feel like something is MOVING! Oh Geez. It must be what she hate. Her bad boyfriend meal isn’t agreeing with her. She goes to the bathroom, FARTING up a storm and shoots you out of her anus into the toilet, then continues to fart on you some more.


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