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Bar Gassy Aftermath


Earlier in the day me and my subby boyfriend went to a bar to have a drink and grabbed some some wings. So not only did I get gassy from the SUPER HOTWINGS but now there’s BEER farts on top of that.

This asshole was actually flirting with OTHER GIRLS at the bar IN FRONT OF ME! He had no idea how many HOT farts he was about to be swallowing and holding in his lungs later. When we get home, I act sweet as can be. I join him in the bed, smile, and make small talk. Then without warning, I mount his face and began farting in his face, My ass is so big it covers his entire face and he has to taste his punishment.. His nose is right against my butthole so every ounce of it goes into his lungs before I sit on his face fully, sealing it in. He doesn’t get any air as I full weight face sit on him except for my gas! This is A MUST SEE -THE BEST FARTING CLIP YET. Some very big JUICY ones! This one got So bad I literally ran to the bathroom from over pushing and discovered I had shit my silver shorts. Not wonder they smelled so bad! LOL that poor slave!


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