Bathroom Bitch Fart Sniffer


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What a loser and little bitch he is. LITERALLY sticking his stupid face into a woman’s ass to lick and smell her asshole in this Farting and Ass Eating video.

Just how pathetic can a human being be to consider himself so low that he licks the smelly asses of women while they laugh and fart against his tongue, in his mouth and on his face.

Despite the rotting egg smell of her very smelly farts this stupid loser keeps his face right there so she can keep farting on his face and into his mouth. He keeps sniffing up her very potent farts so her delicate nose won’t have to. What a total fucking worthless loser. What a perfect little bathroom BITCH.

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Length:  13:54s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo