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Big Dirty Volcanic Eruption Shit


Hello naughty boys, I am Kinky Lola and I am really horny now and having a big shit while you are wanking off your cock really turns me on. Today I start off by opening up my ass and gaping it wide and I pop a couple of silent but very deadly farts, then I stretch my ass to give room for the big turds to come up and out of my erupting Volcano shit hole and slide into your mouth. Watch me finger my dirty asshole and see me shit really close, then you will see me prolapse while still shitting, watch me pile all the shit on top of my butt cheeks and then push all the shit back into my gaping dirty asshole. When I finish pushing all my poo back in I make the shit on my ass as smooth as a shiny new concrete floor and you see no holes.
Then you will see me eat shit from my dirty hands.

For the Grand Finale watch me poke and finger my dirty butt hole and then a POV of me pushing my used shit back out then shitting and farting right in your face. This is all for you baby now eat it.


Length:  20:02s 
Resolution: 640x360
Download Format: wmv
File Size: 232 MB


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