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scenario The woman is tightly dressed and in the end naked because your girlfriend has a boyfriend name (Onur) it makes you jealous , her boyfriend comes to visit you because he has forgotten his key in your home and her girlfriend is not at home right now Nobody opens the door she says come in, sit down, that was her chance, the woman gives the man a drink she has prepared, after the man drinks it, the man shrinks and tries to run away for help, but it’s too late The woman catches Onur and says that she was jealous and will therefore eat him now, and no one will find out that I ate you.

The woman shows the man her body and says you will be part of me and after I’ve digested you you will come out from behind, you will be my garbage or butterfly, isn’t that great and starts to laugh and swallows it down , but notices that although it has shrunk it is still big and therefore has difficulty swallowing it, but the woman managed it and immediately has to burp and relieve herself, but the woman notices that her stomach has been bloated.
Your stomach is bloated and you hear Onur inside you, crying and begging you to take him out and saying he doesn’t want to end up as your poop, you laugh and say, we women don’t shit when we come butterflies and laughs it’s your fate, to end up as a poop or a butterfly you will soon find out what you will be, give him hope at the beginning by saying I’ll let you out, but then at the end say from the other side. Maybe you will come out as a beautiful butterfly or as a poop.

it hurts from the inside because the man kicks you in the stomach he tries to escape he is struggling for his life so that it should be digested quickly and dies so that he no longer annoys thinking about what you can do so that it is digested quickly, and you comes the idea to do sports, you do sports, you notice that your digestion has accelerated because you have to fart and burp more. After the loud burp, it comes back up to the mouth and can taste it again, but swallow it again down, and tells him that you would not come out from the other side until tomorrow, often after Onur’s blows and kicks get weaker after exercise and hardly notice the blows and already assume that he is dead, you go into the bathtub after exercise water and you must farts digestion has been accelerated, and say you have already given up or why you don’t kick hard anymore after badthtub the wife naked in bed to rest and always wi farts, and you say you stink unbelievably Onur, and you make me gassy.

the woman says before she goes to sleep we’ll see you tomorrow with another form either you’ll be a butterfly or just poop, and early in the morning you wake up with massive stinky farts and the woman complains , couldn’t you last a little longer, couldn’t sleep late, then go to the toilet tired and naked to dispose of it, the friend calls and asks if she knows where Onur is, you ask onur? your boyfriend? you look in the toilet and say I don’t know where he is, will definitely be back soon. then on the toilet she realizes it’s not easy, that it comes out as poop, that’s pretty much, they squeeze where many farts come out first and also loud and they relieve them Then at the end you say that you came out hard, you were stinky and no one will notice that I ate you because there is no trace. You do while you are still pushing it out the farts should sound real or even be real, and preferably with plops, with the first plops the should stand up a bit because the poop is too big for it to fall on the toilet. After she wants to clean her ass with toilet paper comes another big fart and plop and you start laughing and say you are finally out of my ass, and at the end you show the toilet how full the toilet has become, and you Onur say you don’t look human anymore and you laugh. You clean your ass and notice how dirty Onur is, because when you clean something from Onur to paper stay tuned and then say Onur nobody will find you and nobody will know that you are my poop, you didn’t become a butterfly you just smell incredibly bad and laugh

she should sit on the toilet for a while and not just to squeeze everything out of him for a few seconds, 5 minutes or longer, she says shocked, onur lot of shit you’ve produced in me, how much of you is still in my ass, and squeeze continue until it gets loud Fart comes out and pops a lot, and she should sometimes hold her nose and during disposal also burp and say you are very stinky. Please do not use toys or anything at the Vore viedeo, just open your mouth and swallow it without seeing someone, if it goes, you should show the toilet at the end with all the poop.
Digestive noises that the stomach moves from the kicks should be recognizable,
Digest should also be used often, or the term toilet
the name Onur should also be used a lot, just like Onur how’s that in my stomach ?, Onur is already burning, Onur you have made me gaseous and you stink terribly, Onur your kicks don’t hurt anymore. Onur you will be my waste, Onur now you will be disposed of from my ass Onur are you still alive? Onur your Girlfriend will dont find you and so on …
the woman should open her mouth wide where she swallows her boyfriend (WITHOUT TOYS) wherever she does sport she should wear leggings or something tight or naked pls oft fart


Length:  14:20s 
Resolution: 1334x750
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