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Christmas Cum, Pee, Fart, and Poop Collection!


I love celebrating Christmas! Watch me to a happy dirty Christmas slut in so many different ways! Watch me masturbate with a candy cane dildo, watch me push out some HUGE smelly farts, watch me taste my pee, and then watch me poop out a nice big load just for you! Come celebrate Christmas with me!

I love celebrating Christmas by dressing up in my cute Christmas outfits and fucking all three of my holes! I start my fucking my pussy with my candy cane dildo, then my horny asshole, and then I clean the toy by sucking it with my mouth! I’m such a dirty Christmas slut! A dirty three holed Christmas slut!

Then let’s celebrate Christmas time with some mega, monster farts! These are HUGE! Watch me push out some huge, smelly farts! These fat rip out of my ass! They are so loud and big! I love them! I shake my ass and clench and relax my asshole with such pleasure! It’s making me feel so good to push these farts out for you! I love it when I have monster farts like these ones! If you love HUGE farts, you’ll love these!

Now it’s time to pee! I have a very special Christmas present! It is something very special just for you! It’s my pee! Do you want to watch a huge gush of pee come bursting out of my pretty, hairy, little pussy!? I do! It feels so good to pee! And I love knowing you are watching me! I love to taste my pee! It tastes so good when it’s fresh out of my pussy! I hold my hand under my snatch and let out all my pee! I scoop it up in my hand and then bring it to my lips! Mmm! My pee is so delicious! I love it!

Finally it’s time to poop! I have a very special Christmas present for you this year! It’s a nice, fresh load of my poop! Imagine that it is Christmas morning and you look under the tree and see an present just from me! You hurry to open it! I’m sure you can smell it through the wrapping paper. You know that it’s a fresh load of my poop! You open the box and see the most beautiful load of my shit! This massive load is just for you!

I want you to watch me shit out your gift! I want you to see my big, sexy ass squat right over a Christmas box and fill it with a big juicy load of poop! Watch my hole open up and all that moist, delicious shit come pouring out of my shithole! My poop goes right into your Christmas present!You know you want my shit for Christmas!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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