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Constipation and suppository


Custom video request:
First, show me the suppository, tell me what you`re gonna do with it, then turn around, bend way over, (like in screenshot) IN MY FACE, shove the suppository way up your rectum, and tell me if you can feel any turds up there, then take finger out, show me your finger. then, whle suppository`s working, turn back around, tell me when was your last bowel movement (brief details) followed by what you ate last. then tell me bout one of your shit fantasies, and still holding in your shit, telling me how constipated you are. then say to me, you just gotta check out my doo doo hole, then turn back around, bending way over spreading both cheeks real wide, (IN MY FACE), winking your doo doo hole at me, still holding in your shit, but don`t yet

spreading both cheeks real wide, (IN MY FACE) here, see if you can do any groundhogging for me, as long as you can. just before you shit, say to me, ”my bowels gotta move, cause i gotta take a shit” then give me huge push, and now take your shit. once your bowels starts moving, tell me how your doo doo hole`s feeling as your turds coming out your rectum, so i can hear you talking/grunting the same time, and i wanna see your doo doo hole prolapsing too while shitting. when done…..DO NOT WIPE YET! show me your turds, then back to bending over IN MY FACE, spreading both cheeks real wide, give me some slow winking/flexing your doo doo hole a bit, telling me now how your doo doo hole feels after the shit you took

spreading both cheeks real wide, (IN MY FACE) take a light colored ink pen, shove it as far up your rectum, as it`ll go. leave it there a bit, squeezing pen a bit, telling me how the pen feels up there. then, take pen out, show me pen caked with your shit on it

spreading both cheeks real wide, (IN MY FACE) say to me, ”my doo doo hole`s dirty) then tell me what runs through yur mind, me examining your dirty asshole, then wipe your doo doo hole with just your middle finger one time only, show me your finger after first wipe. DO NOT WIPE ANYMORE!

spreading both cheeks real wide, (IN MY FACE) i wanna see the shit streak (thick) in the crack of your ass from the first wipe, then give me huge push, see if you can fart for me, and see if you can push out anymore left over shit from your bowels. then give me some more slow winking/flexing your doo doo hole a bit. before signing off, 2 fingers from each hand, strech open your anal lips, and PUSH OUT your inner sphincter muscles IN MY FACE giving me a nasty gross prolapse/colon rose, and hold it there as long as you can, and do this again, this time saying to me, ”i want you to suck on my colon rose till all the shit`s gone” and end clip with a NASTY, GROSS, IN MY FACE colon rose


Length:  17:49s 
Resolution: 2048x1152
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