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Douche Bag Boyfriend


My boyfriend was being a real douchebag all day. Following me while I was shopping being emberassing on purpose so we would have to leave. It’s like he likes being a douche bag?!?.. I wonder how he’d feel to really be one.. “Shut your mouth or I’ll be shttng in it” .. My threats didn’t stop him so as soon as we got back to the room I pulled out the bench and told him to lay in it. His face turned white!! Haha he knows he’s in for it.. I strap him in tight and clamp his head in place as I nestle his nose right in my pussy and turn on the Xbox. It’s time for a nice long punishment. And as usual my IBS always kicks in at night, especially after all of those spicy cheese curds at the food court.. OMG I’m dying. I smother the fuck out of him occasionally dropping a burning hot fart right into his cheeks while he sucks it up trying to get some kind of air.. This is what douchebags get.. But that’s not all.. Almost an hour into his punishment he must be getting thirsty and I’m feeling a little constipated.. “Hang on honey I have to go pee really quick” … As I run to the bathroom and prepare his little drink… I come back for a little while and smother him senseless.. Letting all that liquid settle before helping him quench that thirst of his.. “Open your mouth, I have a surprise for you!!l” … You like acting like a douchebag? Now you get to be one… How does it feel? Struggling to breathe with my dirty butthole sealing that mouth of yours, full of brown liquid and chunks of sht?! Swallowing isn’t really optional is it baby? Hahahaaa oh well.. down your throat it goes.. awful huh? Swallowing all of that knowing I’m just going to fill you back up again. Its like flushing the toilet.. nasty sht water and chunks of filth.. except your mouth gets to be the bowl;)

Clip contains long forward/reverse nude gaming smothering, in mouth farting/swallowing.. Nose farting.. Mild dirty talk.. And enema play. Camera switches from front to rear/reverse smother halfway through clip.


Length:  58:58s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB

21 y.o US Domme.


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