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Explosion of Wet Farting Diarrhea!


I am about to have a huge blast disgusting wet shit explode out of my ass! It’s so loud and powerful and turns me on so much! The sight of the shit pouring out of my ass! A waterfall of shit bursting out of my pretty little asshole! And the loud disgusting farting noise! It’s the hottest feeling in the world!

I take laxatives sometimes so I can experience that wonderful desperate feeling! I love being completely helpless. I am going to shit and I have no way of preventing it! It’s going to be a loud, disgusting wet explosion! And it’s going to make me feel so good when it comes out!

Watch as I talk dirty to you, explaining how much I love my wet diarrhea shit. Then I turn around and fart out this jet of shit! It keeps coming and coming! So much runny, diarrhea bursts out of my hole! It pools between my legs, a lake of shit. It’s beautiful, but it stinks! Look at this amazing pile of wet splattered poop! Mmm! its so hot!


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Length:  5:47s 
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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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