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From amazing solo Point Of View farts at great angles making you feel your face is right there in my ass sniffing up my potent ass gas right to scenes of me in my tight jeans squishing my slave’s nose right into my ass crack while I fart loudly into his stupid face. “Extreme Farts Compilations 4” has it all when it comes to Farting.

Bringing you the very finest Farting scenes in extreme form courtesy of my best selling Farting videos:

In this highly erotic video I have done some of my most amazing farting work yet! Thanks to my new microphone system you won’t miss the amazing sound of a single fart hehe

Filmed from two angles to give you the true first person point of view in this farting video. It’s like you are actually there while I’m talking to you seductively through the farting chair opening. My beautiful accent lure you deeper into farting subspace.

Up close and personal to my amazing ass, feeling the hot wind of my stinky farts blowing directly into your face. You’ll love my natural facial expressions. That’s why I love making these videos. I don’t have to act, I can just be myself and enjoy farting for all of you!

There is something so primal about wearing tight jeans. Out in public, like the mall it is fun feeling all those eyes on me. All those men staring at my ass with longing eyes. If only they knew what I do when I get home. How I sit on my slaves face with those tight jeans. Feeling his nose being squished mercilessly by the strong fabric of my tight jeans.

Feeling the warmth of his breath against my crotch and ass, knowing the trapped fragrance of my ass and crotch that he is smelling down there. But nothing beats what I do next. I’m gassy, you think I’ll be nice and show mercy? NO WAY!!

See how my slave tense up when I tell him I have to fart and that I’m going to do it right in his face. Filmed from two angles so you don’t miss how I fart through my jeans right into his nose! As I blow each fart directly into his nose you hear him sniff and squirm.

He can’t complain too much though. There is so many of you who would do ANYTHING to experience the warmth of my bottom as my jeans fabric press onto your face. Hearing my grunt and smelling my warm and very stinky farts from my fine ass right into your nose.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo


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Resolution: 1920x1080
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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo



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