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Face Farting Punishment


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James has been a bad boy! We chain him down to the bed and leave him while we go get some Mexican food. You know ladies love beans! We come back and check on him. He’s still there. After a couple of drinks, we feel the need to fart but we hold it for hours!

We strip down and plant our huge asses right over his face. He can try to struggle as much as he wants but there is no escaping these chains. Nikole and I keep ripping our thick stinky farts right on James’s face without mercy.

Watch as he struggles and squirms to get away from the horrible smell. You should have been a good boy James. But since you weren’t we will be using you as our personal fart inhaler for the rest of the night!


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1 review for Face Farting Punishment

  1. Profile photo of filthy puppy
    4 out of 5


    Lots of great humiliation and farting in this one from Veronica and her Mistress friend. Slave struggles again and again, but isn’t really forced to inhale as a punishment. It would be much better if one of them held his face in their asses while they farted in his face.

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