Face sitting and Farting on your face
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Face sitting and Farting on your face


I love sitting on your face! Today I am wearing some denim shorts. You have to stay under my ass until you gasp for air. If you move too much, I will slap you! You also have to sniff my ass. You may enjoy this too much!! Well, my belly hurts, so you will probably have a taste of my farts pretty soon!

It’s way too hot in here… I will take my shorts off! Way better! Take a big sniff! How long can you stay under my ass without breathing? I know you love to suffer for my ass! I decide to slide my thong to the side, spread my ass cheeks and reward you by letting you lick my sweaty asshole! Ohh… I feel so gassy! I have no choice but to fart on your face!

You keep licking my asshole clean and I fart again. I rub my belly… I know there are more farts coming!! This time it’s a longer wet fart… lucky you! I’ve got so much air in my belly! Love the smell of my farts? Fucking loser! You actually enjoy it, do you? I want you to swallow and sniff the next ones! Inhale! It feels so good to fart on your face!

That is fucking disgusting! I feel so sick! I may have to use you as a toilet later! See you later slave!!

***There are 12 audible farts in this video. This clip was shot with 2 cameras so you get 2 different angles, but you mostly get to see the closer view.

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