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Facesitting Gone Wrong


Start the clip where you’re both with me and talk about the double facesitting session I’ve booked with the two of you. Mention that it’s my first time so you’ll both take it easy on me. You’re both wearing lace style lingerie. Then laugh and throw me to the ground.Film the clip pov where I’m looking up at you. You have Nicole sit on my face first with her ass directly in my face (the camera). Talk about how you both had something extra in mind for this clip but were just waiting for a newbie as you wanted to make the struggling as authentic as possible.

I’m struggling at first just from the smell of Nicole’s ass. You both laugh and say it’s about to get a lot worse…you have something really special in mind.Mention about all the Mexican food you’ve eaten and how bad the gas is that you both get. Mention that I’m struggling to get away at this point as you both laugh at me. Tell me that I must have figured out your ulterior motive to taking me on as a new client. Have Nicole lean over to one side and rip a huge fart in my face with both of you laughing. Laugh at me gagging from the fart. Nicole tells me that her worst fart was from Mexican food. Have her describe the smell, laugh, and then she tells me that she’s going to try and set a record for the worst smelling farts!

She farts on me a few more times with both of you telling me about the smells of each and laughing saying that this might be my first and only session.,You tell me that it’s your turn now and that your farts make people who like smelling farts gag all the time! Tell me that your clips sell better when the slave is really suffering so that’s why you decided not to mention the farting part. You tell me that your farts are awful today and you almost feel sorry for me. You sit on my face with your ass away and fart. After each fart make comments about how horrible it smells and tell me to try to now throw up from the gas! Tell me about your worst sour milk smelling fart and that you think you just made a fart smell exactly like that! Laugh at me as I try and tap out and tell me no matter what, you’re not getting off – keep farting.At one point ask me if I would like to breathe some fresh air… you sit up and nicole sits on my face and farts right away with both of you laughing.Have Nicole remove her underwear and say something like, time to really suffer. Have her sit on my face and fart nude. She tells me her farts are the absolute worst today! She says maybe even worse than yours! She tells you that she wants to take advantage of these awful farts and asks you to force my nose right up her asshole…

You force my face deep into her ass and moments later she farts….you both laugh and then you tell me it’s your turn. You do the same.Both of you laugh and tell me whose fart was worse..Tell me it’s time for the worst possible punishment….your both going to fart in my face at the same time…and not get off till the smell is completely gone. Mention how much I’m struggling and begging for it not to happen. Laugh at me and and tell me no slave has ever been able to make it through this without … You both sit nude on my face as fart away…. the clip ends after a few double ass farts.


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