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Farting and a very light form of Toilet Slavery due to a little accident. Sometimes my farts are very extreme and I enjoy Farting the most while someone is licking and tongue fucking my ass so I can feel my farts vibrate over their tongue as I fart directly into their mouths. But it is my asshole they are licking so as you can imagine sometimes there is more than just a fart slipping out of there.

So sometimes the poor slave do get a mouthful of something really nasty other than a fart. I’m just so thankful it’s not me who has to taste these nasty little accidents. My slaves are well trained and know they must sometimes take one for the team by swallowing so they can keep licking and cleaning my ass for my delight.

Since this video is aimed at fart lovers we ensured the accident I had is not visible so it doesn’t put fart lovers off. You can hear the nasty accident happen and my slave gagging but like a trooper he swallowed my little mistake and kept going so you don’t have to witness it. Courtesy of

Ass Eat Mouth Farting 2
Ass Eat Mouth Farting 2 gives you insight into my private life a little as I show you something that is a daily routine here in my house. This is something that I really do every morning.

First thing when you wake up in the morning is when your asshole is at it’s sweatiest and smelliest. That’s why most people prefer a hot shower in the morning once they get out of bed. But I do things a little different since I own a 24/7 live in slave.

You’ll see I’m still in bed in my cute Hello Kitty Pyjamas and I took only the pants off. This is so my slave can lick my smelly asshole first thing in the morning like I explain in the video as he starts to probe his tongue into my dirty butthole.

So I squirm and moan in pure delight from his tongue probing and washing my smelly asshole. It’s not long before all those built up gas needs to come out. There’s something so amazing about feeling your wet and smelly farts vibrating right over someone’s tongue there in your asshole as you fart into their mouth. While he is gagging on my farts I laugh and say how nice they feel for me.

By the time I got all those loud and smelly farts out into his mouth I’m really horny so he tongue fucks my still smelly butthole till I cum hard. I have such an amazing life don’t I?

Office Brat Extreme Mouth Farts
Office Brat Extreme Mouth Farts has the word extreme in the title with good reason. This is because as far as Ass Eating and Farting goes this is by far my most extreme video of both yet.

The office Brat can do whatever she wants because her boyfriend owns the company and the beautiful young brat girl makes the average looking middle aged male employees do all sorts of humiliating things for her delight.

Like making them lick her smelly ass. You see the poor employee behind her ass on his knees begging her to please not let her boyfriend fire him as he needs this job. This time however the office brat added some flavour by farting right into the poor man’s mouth while he is licking her smelly asshole.

But things get even more extreme for the poor man who is licking her unwashed ass deep to keep his job. Nasty little accidents do happen and the poor man gets more than just her smelly farts in his mouth. You can see the poor sole contorting and gagging and what does the Office Brat do? She LAUGHS! She’s not even sorry and she doesn’t show mercy either, the poor man has to get his mouth back there so she can keep farting in it while he continue to lick her ass.

This merciless ass eating and farting goes on until she starts to cum hard! Yes, this gives new meaning to employee of the month. This girl doesn’t care about you or how humiliated you feel, she only cares about her own pleasure and delight like a true young girl brat.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo


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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo



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