Farting Into Your Mouth 3


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Warning: VERY EXTREME Farting as well as mild Toilet Slavery scenes in this video.

Today in Farting Into Your Mouth 3 I bring you more intense Farting and Toilet Slavery action.
I love this position as it makes my slave suffer due to my entire full body weight on top of him. Like a good fart eater he also licks my smelly asshole for me so I can enjoy feeling my very loud and wet farts vibrating over his tongue in my asshole right into his mouth.

After some very nasty and loud farts into his mouth while he was licking my asshole I could feel something else on the way, a very familiar stirring and I knew soon my slave will be getting more than just farts from my ass. There is no way I’m now going to make a run for the toilet. My Fart and Ass Eating slave will just have to take one for the team and perform some Toilet Slavery duties.

So I moved down to ensure his open mouth formed a perfect tight seal right over my asshole in order to make sure there will be no mess on my bed. You can hear it happen, how he gets much more than just farts in his mouth now. It felt so good, such intense delight and relief that I kept going. You can see his intense suffering as this happens as well as the expression on my face from relief and delight.

In the end of the day it really is all about what feels good for me. My poor slave just had to endure this horrible fate to ensure my comfort and delight.

Disclosure: This video is for extreme farting fans but also cater for the more mild toilet slavery fans. You don’t actually see my shit in this video but rather hear my slave’s agony of me shitting into his mouth during the end of my farts. This video cater more for those into very mild toilet slavery BUT more extreme farting.

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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo



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