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Farting In Your Mom’s Granny Panties


Hi there little panty lover. I’m glad you could make it to our session today. I hear you have brought me something special to wear. What is it? Let’s see…Oh come on don’t be bad could it be…

OMG you brought me your Mom’s granny panties LMAO!! You’re seriously sick! You stole these out of her panty drawer didn’t you! Admit it. Hahahaha! Oh now I have to put them on. This is so fucked up. I love it.

You know…You were seriously naughty to take these..You know what happens to naughty boys? They get punished.. Time I let you in on a secret. I’ve been secretly filming us..If you don’t do exactly as I tell you, I will send your mom the video of you asking me to wear her panties while you get off!

I know how much you love my ass and I know how much the taboo of me wearing your Mommy’s granny panties turns you on..I can see it in your pants! But now…You’re going to have to take my FARTS! All of them! And baby I’m gassy for days! I’m going to give you the biggest mental mind fuck ever! Do you want to come to my hot thick ass in your Mommy’s panties or are you too disturbed by me farting in your face? I think you will learn to love my farts. Even if you don’t I don’t care, I’m going to do it anyway. You will come to my farts because I say so! If you don’t I’m going to take off these panties, make you put them back in her drawer UNWASHED HAHAHAHAHA!


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