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Farting And Pooping In My Pink Panties


I have just made the hottest farting video I’ve ever made! Usually when I fart I get really turned on and I giggle and jump around because I get so excited! But this time all of the horny sexual energy turned into this slow, sensual arousal. My ass looks so sexy in these pink panties! Feeling and hearing my farting ass took me to a new level of stimulation!

I start by farting and smelling and talking dirty in a sensual voice. I love rubbing my shithole through my pink panties. It feels so good, the rough material against my sensitive little hole. I rub my asshole as I fart for you! I talk about what it would feel like for you if you where there with me, rubbing my shit hole! Or if you were fucking my ass! I would fart all over your cock and balls!

I pull my panties aside and stick my finger in my ass. I finger fuck my shithole until I can feel a nice big fart ready to rip it’s way out of my finger stuffed hole! My asshole opens up and the fart explodes out of my hole! I can feel the vibrations and the force of my fart working it’s way around my finger! Oh my god! This feels so fucking amazing!

Imagine you were fucking my dirty little shithole and I pushed out a huge stinky fart right on your cock! Your dick would vibrate with the force of my fart! Would you cum for me!? You know that’s what I want! I want to make you cum from my farts and my dirty, horny shithole!

Cum for me please! Cum from my farts!

It’s time to fill my panties up with a nice steaming load of poop! I’ve been farting and finger fucking myself in these panties all day! It’s finally time to push my turds out! I want to destroy these panties! I don’t want them to be pretty and pink anymore! I want them to be a stinking brown! I am going to stain these panties with my shit! I will ruin them!

I push out two medium sized hard turds! I can feel the heat radiating off of my shit! I can smell the stench of them in my panties! It feels amazing to shit in my clothes! I love that my shit it trapped next to me! It is stuck in my panties, close to my ass and pussy. I wish I could just pull my pants up and walk around like that. With shit in my panties. All day I would just enjoy the dirty feeling and the warmth of my shit! Oh and the smell too!

I pull my panties up into my ass crack, smearing my shit and breaking my turds up into many tiny little hard nuggets! I pull my panties down to show you a dirty ass and my panties full of poop!

I love when I have hard turds! It feels great coming out of my ass! But also, I can take those little hard turds and stove them right back up into my asshole! I push several of my turds back into my dirty shithole! Some of the turds, I easily shit back out but some of them want to stay in my asshole! That’s okay, I’ll just shit them out tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy this sexy, dirty panty pooping video!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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