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Farting Punishment for Construction Workers


On my way to the bathroom, talking to my girlfriend I discover the construction workers didn’t finish my bathroom..AND LOOK AT THE MESS THEY MADE! Oh Hell No! I ask my girlfriend for advice for a proper punishment. She says I should smell up the place! I agree! I fart in the sink, in the air, pull my pants down exposing my thong and fart but that’s not enough! I want this lesson to REALLY hit home! I KNOW! I’ll fart in their bucket! I rip one after another after another into their big plastic bucket containing their tools, smelling it every now and then to make sure it’s working. EWWW! They smell so bad! I laugh and laugh showing off how evil I can truly be with my gas blasts from Hell. As I’m farting I hear them come back from lunch. Oh this is going to be great!

Clip contains Jean Farting, Panty/Thong Farting, Heels, Humor, Cruelty, Smell Fetish, and Ass Fetish


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