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Four Day Shit Pregnancy!


I’ve got BIG NEWS!!! I’m Shit Pregnant! I’m got a shit baby growing inside my big belly! My belly is going to grow and grow and my tits are going to get milk in them and then I’m going to give birth to a massive shit baby!!!

Day 1:I announce that I’m shit pregnant! I show you my belly and tell you all about how good it feels to have a shit baby growing inside of me!

Day 2: My belly is getting full! And I’ve started farting! Not shitting for two days does that to you! I let out a few nasty smelly farts and tell you all about how I’m feeling, what it’s like being shit pregnant.

Day 3: I’ve started producing milk! Okay, so it’s only a few little droplets but it’s still milk! I show off my big belly and my milky tits! Then, I lick the milk off my nipple! Mmm! Sweet!

Day 4: The big day is finally here! I haven’t shit in four days! I’ve got such a big load ready to burst! I give myself an enema so my shit baby will really fly out of my ass! The enema water make my belly feel like it’s going to bust! It’s gotten so big with my shit pregnancy! There is so much shit and water inside of me!

I can’t help it any more! I lean forward as the jet of shit and water over bursting out of my ass! It’s a shit baby explosion! It keeps coming! There is so much shit! Days and Days of shit comes flying out of my ass! Oh! It feels so good to get that baby out of me!

It was a very successful delivery! I show you the shit baby splattered on the floor of my bath tub! Oh wow! That’s a LOT of poop!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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