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Girlfriend Farts


With her cute butt, Alexa can’t even play on her phone without an audience looking at her butt. “Come with me,” she says. She’s sooo sweet; she knows I love looking at her butt, and she knows just the way to tease me. And then I see it in the living room, what she is luring me to…… “The Chair” Farting, making me sniff them, and teasing me about it. Isn’t she sweet? NEW SCENE (camera play-by-play): *(similar to Farts In Tight Yoga Pants) begins with Alexa lying down in bed, on tummy, but legs are straight and touching, camera has view of her butt and back of her head admiring her bubble butt *Alexa turns to camera; “You love my butt, don’t you?” “You want to whack off?” *Alexa gets up, and leads viewer down hall [as if viewer is in for a treat] *Viewer is met with site of “The Chair” [yes the clear one – and he know EXACTLY what it means] *Alexa sits and guides viewer to look up at her butt *fart *after each fart, stand and bring camera view to seat of the chair, make comments [teasing/taunting] to viewer about sniffing it up, i.e. “Peeeeeeeeeew, Is that a good one to whack off to? ” *repeat this for a few farts [where viewer is under you for the fart, then comes up to seat of chair to sniff it] *On last one, you can bid viewer goodbye with something like: “Now smell up those farts and whack off. Bye” *walks away, leaves viewer sniffing her chair


Length:  9:47s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 580 MB

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