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Gurgle Goddess Farts In Black Lingerie!!!


Gurgle Goddess’ Body is so round and soft, It’s spilling out of everything she wears! She has a big round belly and a HUGE round butt which just WON’T be quiet! There are loud, long bursts of gas from her sweet asshole as she relieves all the wind that’s built up in her swollen tummy. she got such a huge, rounded stomach when she has a bad gas attack and you can see it bulging out from her naughty black lingerie as she moves around, releasing her trapped gas.

She farts standing up, sitting down, and lying on her front and bouncing on her belly to get those sweet toots out of her tum! She farts with her legs up in the air and all her private parts flashing at the camera… She farts in almost every position I can think of!

This is a rare chance to see some bare butt farts directly at the camera and THE longest expulsion of gas that I have EVER experienced – you’ll never believe how much wind I shoot out of the end of my intestinal tract after it’s been bubbling and brewing inside of me for a few hours.

There’s a look of total shock on my face as the gas just keeps on coming – I was SO relieved once those farts were out of my po or, crampy system… but I can tell you for certain that I carried on farting all night long ūüėČ


Length:  8:52s 
Resolution: 1280x720
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