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Almost on hour of pure farting! My best clips in one… Now in extra low price. Happy jerking! For the bad days, for everything. Best deal ever. Compilation of many amazing clips. Only huge loud farts and extreme pleasure!
This clip contains:

Schoolgirl Farting mp4 HD
Ooopsss I can’t control my ass!
Hot young schoolgirl in uniform… You were alone in the corridor. The school is empty. Just you and this girl. Take a look at her short skirt. She wants you… her ass almost called your name. It’s too short. Too sexy… You are approaching her round buttocks. Almost feel her skin on your face and then… she farts just a little. Her little butthole just opens for a second. You’re very lucky guy. And then… she notices you. She knew you’re here. She lets you smell her anus.

Gassy on the toilet *CUSTOM* mp4 FULL HD
This is custom clip.
Today you are really much for dinner and your stomach feels a little wierd before you go to bed. Ok your sleep you start to fart really much, and it wakes you up after a while. Then you feel the need to take a dump,so you go to the toilet. You are a little gassy on the toilet also, but you finally get it all out. You flush and wipe, but then you feel something in your ass, and you let out one last fart.

Farts under white dress mp4 HD
Ohh I have this gassy day. I wear short white dress. When I fart smell comes out from the bottom… Come under my dress, I will show you how sinky it is. And loud of course. I wanna flirt a little, do you wanna more sinky gasses? Yeess… honey I have a lot. My ass is so full!

I am so gassy mp4 HD
Hello. I am Miss Sarah. Welcome again. Today I wanna just burp whole the time… I wanna show my nature. I am so nasty girl… Haha. I like it. So gross… I am so gassy, literally every day. When I am drinking, eating. talking… I need to burp almost all the time. And sometimes this is so smelly and my breath is so stinky. Maybe even you like it? I fart also… Did you like who I am?

Cute ass&big farts mp4 HD
I am in short t-shirt dress… and have no panties! I’m thinking about sex… man from my dreams. But I am alone here in my home. I ate too much fast food earlier… I am full inside of this stinky hot gas… My ass wanna fart… loud and wet… So I fart almost on your nose, really close. Come to my butty and smell!

Farts from heaven mp4 HD
Farts from heaven on your face, in your nose. You can hear it, you can smell it, even touch my ass sometimes… Feel that wind on your body. Come here and join me in my bedroom. It’s because I am nutural. I don’t need to control my ass. I can fart whenever I want. I am loud, nasty… and also very sexy at the same time.

Queen of farting mp4 HD
I can do more like that… if you wish of source. Do you wanna hear whats my ass wants to say? Just tell me, tell me how much you need my farts… “Gimme that farts, I wanna hear you”
Next fart are so close… listen to it. Listen to my ass. I can’t stop it. I don’t wanna fight with my nature. I wanna just be myself. Nasty… Do you want to hear next thunder? No problem, I am queen of farting.

Size control – farting torture mp4 HD
Sarah meet her new save. She decides he is too big and shrink him down to the really small size. Now he is miniature human and his owner is Goddess Sarah. She can ever crush him and noone notice that. She knows how big and how powerful she is. Sarah is a giantess, really strong, sometimes cruel. She uses her slaves like a pets, and sometimes like a trashes for tortures… This little poor man will be locked in cage and uses like a fart smeller. But he is so small, he must fight with wind from Sarah ass. And smell almost ki ll him… He is smothering, but Guantess has really good fun.

Suppository farts mp4 HD
I have new medicine so I put suppository into my asshole. After a couple minutes I must fart… This is not normal farts. It’s bubbly and wet but not messy. Yet. But at the end… This farts are smelly, not sitnky, smelly like something to eat. A little like onion or chips? Weird but funny. I fart a lot… Literally, I can’t stop…

Smell from heaven mp4 HD
Hot young ass… peachy shape. Soft, smooth skin. Is this all you need? Nope. I have something more. Something better… A really intense, candid rare gasses. Strong smell, a little rotten, holden from morning. Are you ready? Oh honey you can’t. This is too much for you… you must stressed out just now. You have to jerk off during my farts.


Length:  55:39s 
Resolution: 1520x832
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 867 MB


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