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Huge Gassy Farts And A Shitty Diaper


This morning I was in my last diaper and planning to have as much fun in it as possible. I’ve been wetting in it since I woke up and I show you just how heavy and soggy it is already.

As I make my morning coffee I tell you how dirty I’m going to be today, and how lots of coffee always gets me the result I’m looking for – a warm squishy, messy diaper! Just talking to you about it is turning me on so much that my pussy gets all excited. I pull down my diaper and show you the creamy juices that are leaking from me at just the thought. There’s so much that you can clearly see my excitement all over my fingers!

Getting comfy on the couch I tell you again how much I want to shit my diaper and take another few sips of my coffee. My bladder feels full again and I open my legs in front of you and relax to let the pee begin to flow in to my already wet diaper. As I do, I get more than I bargained for already. As I release the pee, I accidentally let go of a really big fart! Oh my god I was getting so gassy already and I knew a BIG dirty mess was on it’s way!

I finish peeing and let go of another loud fart! I poke my diapered bum out and massage my bottom hole a little ready for the release of what I know is going to be a big one! I then give a few hard pushes, you can hear lots of popping farts as I do, but no shit is coming out yet, instead another long stream of hot piss

I stand up to show you how completely full of pee my diaper is. As I pull it down for you to take a look, I’m a little embarrassed about the brown fart stains inside! I need to pee again and with my diaper around my knees I begin to pee on it, it feels so sexy! but suddenly, while I’m still peeing I feel the shit starting to come! I hurriedly pull my diaper back up, quickly turn around and poke my bum at you!

I grunt and groan and fart lots more as I begin to fill my diaper up. You can hear everything squishing around inside as I push more and more of this smelly mess in to my diaper! I kneel up and run my hand over my dirty diaper. It’s so smelly already, but I know I still need to go more. I get down on my hands and knees and begin to push again. I’m so gassy! I do another huge long fart and straight after you can actually hear clearly all the sounds of me filling my diaper!

OMG It feels so good. I sit there and wriggle around on my butt, letting the mess spread totally through out my diaper and all over my bum.
My pussy is so excited! I caress the huge load that is now mashed all over me and my pussy drips with the excitement of what a bad, naughty, dirty girl Iam! Hornier than ever I pump my pussy backwards and forwards on the floor. Suddenly The gassy feeling comes back and I start to fart again! With a big push I get the last little bit out to join the rest of the heavy, smelly load, that’s making my diaper bulge and hang heavily between my legs!

I Love it, I love everything about it. The feeling of needing to go. The feeling of pushing it out. The feeling when I sit down on top of the warm mess and feel it spread all across my bum cheeks! For me there is no bigger turn on than being in a wet and stinky diaper!


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